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For those who have been following the trend in entertainment industry,especially movie sector called Nollywood,it will be easy to note that various showbiz personalities are beginning to voice their opinion in public on the issue of homosexuality and lesbianism more than ever before. Reason being that those who practice the art are hiding under the umbrella of inability of the innocent ones to candidly take the bull by its horn and criticize them. The idea that this perverted lifestyle is not written on the forehead is another reason why top entertainment personalities are beginning to voice out on the subject,to avoid getting involved in any way. On Saturday penultimate week,in one of the high profile shows held in Lagos that brought different classes of models together,it was easy to identify that the crowd was mixed with guys who might have at one point or the other performed the sodomy act. To cut the tension,former President of Association of Movie Producers’(AMP), Mr. Paul Obazele picked up microphone and ordered them to leave the hall or be disgraced out,he warned them not to forget the bill that was passed against gay practices,afterwards,he chased three models out of the stage believing that they were among the cartel. Meanwhile,Nollywood handsome actor Arinze Okonkwo who was having swell times in the hall that evening stood up and walked towards the door. Eventually,Mr. Obazele saw him moving closer to the door and continued shouting that any perverted individual in the audience should quietly leave as the gathering was not meant for such people. Light skin actor Okonkwo passed through the door and disappeared. Many say he was protesting the unruly manner the show was being handled. Click the link below to go to... ACTOR ARINZE OKONKWO AND WIFE IFEOMA EXPECTING A BABY
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