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Singer and acclaimed queen of the talking drums, Ara was married few years ago, which produced a son, but quit the union later on. Reports said she left the marriage after she discovered that the man, Saliu Olalekan, was legally married to another who bore him children. One would have thought that would be her biggest mistake of her life, but she has disclosed that losing her vigin**y is her biggest mistake. In an interview, Ara said no longer being a virgin is her regret. She stated that she lost it to the father of her son, who is no longer with her. “How I wish I were still a virgin. Yeah, but it's a good thing I have a beautiful son from my previous marriage," she said. On the state of her divorce from the father of her son, Ara said she doesn't have any regrets on the marriage because if she says so, that means she is saying her son is a regret. “It is not even a divorce. As at the time we got married, he was still legally married to another woman. I wasn't aware. So automatically our marriage was annulled. We lived together for three years. I don't have any regret because a beautiful child came out of it. If I say I have regret, then my son will be a regret. I don't have to regret it because of my son."
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