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Its no longer news that late singer, Kefee‘s restaurant, Branama Kitchen which used to play host to numerous celebrities amidst merriment and loud music, has been shut down since after the news of her untimely death was widely reported. Since Kefee’s death, the restaurant which is located in Mende area of Maryland, Lagos and born out of Kefee’s passion for delicacies and hospitality has been under lock and keys. Its four months now since Kefee joined the great beyond, yet her Kitchen remained same'- shut and deserted. According to neighbours no one has been to the restaurant since it was shut down on Friday, June 15. When the singer’s husband was contacted, he said he does not want to speak on anything concerning his late wife anymore. Kefee opened the restaurant in February 2012 amidst pomp and pageantry and kept herself busy with making delicious meals for her guests. The award-winning singer and vocalist died as a result of lung failure after being in coma for 15 days in a hospital in the United States of America (USA) in June 2014
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