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...I have two luxury cars here and I am fine After several viral online reports about Nollywood actress, Liz Anjorin, being involved in a husband snatching scandal to one London- based Nigerian, Wasiu Olayinka Gbadamosi popularly known as Wese Peckham, tongues have continued to wag while the actress keeps silent over the matter. In other to set the records straight, the said businessman, Wasiu Olayinka Gbadamosi and wife, Mrs. Olawunmi Shorunke Gbadamosi, have finally spoken out that their married is still intact. According to reports, it was alleged that Wasiu Olayinka was having an affair with the Nollywood actress and had to kick his wife of about five years out of their matrimonial home to be able to accommodate the actress, Liz Anjorin. Wasiu explained that he and the actress were just compatible in business and nothing more attached to it like widely speculated. READ ALSO:Banks lost N3.04bn to fraud in six months, says CBN Speaking with E247 magazine, he said, “We are just compatible in business. Before now, I only knew her through the films she’s done. When she came to London, they brought her to me and she was very respectful. I appreciated her for being so friendly. Later, she asked me for help on a product she wanted to buy and I offered to help. I only did what I could do to help her buy the products she wants to sell in Nigeria. I am also friendly in nature and it is easier for people to insinuate I am dating ladies around me. This is because I render help for people as if we are related.” To further prove that there was no issue in the marriage, Wasiu’s wife, Olawunmi Shorunke Gbadamosi, stated that she is still happily married to her husband and do not know where such stories were coming from. “I don’t know where they came about the story. There is nothing like that. I am happily married. For anybody to say Wasiu sent me packing; there is nothing like that. I have two luxury cars here and I am fine,” she said. Click And Read More From Newstrack.ng
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