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Sofiya Imose, the Los Angeles, California based media consultant is having a sizzling romance with a Nigerian based financial expert. The fellow, according to those who are in the know, works with a financial institution that regulates other financial institutions and he is based in Abuja. No one could say much about the guy but we heard he is loaded and widely traveled too. Sources told gistmaster.com that the two lovebirds met about two years ago but they didn’t start dating until 8 months ago. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons,Sofiya is also flying in from her US base to be close to her man. For now, no one could say whether or not there is marriage proposal yet. All we get is that the two are happy together. Sofiya, who was the PR consultant for the blockburster hit, Ije movie premiere in Lagos is always a regular face at most high profile event in town.She is said to have also done PR/Advertising for clients such as MUD cosmetics,Mannequin Magazine, MC Larry D,Imose Concept. However, there is also gist in town that the United States born lady has something in common with Nigeria’s international music act, Tuface Idibia. When we got across to her, she denied dating Tuface. “I have seen him at occasions but that does not mean I am dating him. People have called and even sent me text messages on the same issue.” she said. Adding that she does not know where the rumour emanated from in the first place.
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