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Nollywood actress/producer Oby Edozie was robbed on Wednesday night in Apapa. The actress,married to popular 90s pop artist Alex O in December,says she was on her way to Festac when the incident occurred. She narrated I was on my way to Festac and the traffic from Mile 2 was heavy so I decided to go through Apapa thinking I will be free from traffic.Unknown to me,trailers had blocked the road ahead of me so I was in traffic for hours. From nowhere they(robbers) just emerge by my windscreen, telling me that if I don’t wind down,they were going to shoot me.I didn’t know what to do,I started shouting,I flew from the other side of the car,they took my other phone. They did not take the other phone because I had switched it off. I thank God for my life, because what if they have shot me. Meanwhile,Oby we learnt is relishing the grace of God in her life at the moment.We hear that the top actress,is now pregnant for her husband Alex O.
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