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Thought it was supposed to be a day to love, not a night to mourn, but the curtains have been drawn, not well worn, but torn. A star fell from the sky, and it’s not for us to question, but then I try to fathom, why do the good die young? The tears are here in my eyes, their saltiness, mixing with d garlic in my sighs, screaming an ode, to one so bright, so cheerful, so full of life, yet snatched in her prime. Oh death, you lousy coward, where art thy sting, oh, here it is, burning into the skin, and sipping through the fabric of my being, oh death, you sin, blashpeme against youth and life. Susan, Oluwabunmi, many called you Goldie, some called you lady Gaga, now I know you’re higher, than this realm, full of death and worries, now I know you’re in a place, where you’ll cry no more, try no more, you’re a star, go back to where you belong: Heaven. Nigeria won the Cup of Nations, but we lost a wealth of the nation, we’ve lost gold, our jewelry trampled on by swines, But I refuse to cry, rather I’ll celebrate, a life well spent, it’s not how far, but how well, and if only you can look down now, you’ll see, you always have a home in our hearts. © 2013 Nigeriafilms.com Click the link below to go to... GOLDIE IS DEAD: Kennis Music's Keke Ogungbe Sympathises With Goldie's Family Tragedy! Singer Goldie Harvey Is Dead! CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON GOLDIE How TB Joshua Saved Me From Mental Illness--Hanks Anuku Patriotism: Tonto Dike Lacks Knowledge Foluke Daramola Marries Heartthrob On Friday "Baba Suwe, NDLEA In Court On Friday Over N25m Compensation Order
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