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Call them first knuckle rings, Tea rings, Midi rings, Memory rings or Mid-finger rings all describe the same trend with whatever you choose to call them. They are small, dainty and detail-oriented bold statement pieces that can be worn on any finger as long as the perfect or the right size is worn. In achieving a very boho-chic style, the dazzling piece can be worn over the knuckles. When strategically placed on the fingers, they give a minimalistic look that compliments the fingers without overpowering them. These undersized accessories, which are tied to the vintage phenomenon in fashion, where the development was to bring back vintage styles for the modern era, have been tagged as one of the biggest micro trends of the season. Spotted on fashionistas and celebrities alike, the ring can be seen at practically every fashion forward shop in Nigeria. Midi rings are perhaps the most of-the-moment adornment one can think of.
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