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The Igbo Chapter of the Nollywood body will be hosting the Nollywood Igbo Films and Awards (NIFA) soon and the body has called for the public turn up for Igbo-content films and visuals in a bid to increase the language. In a press release signed by National President of Igbo Film Forum (IFF), Comrade Chief Dr. Harris Chuma, the awards has called for the submission of feature, short, documentary, music video, Tvc,Talk Show, Tv Drama in Igbo language. NIFA intends to orchestrate the creation of an all day-all night channel exclusively dedicated to Igbo visuals on satellite broadcast media. "Nollywood Igbo Film Festival & Award (NIFA)has become part and parcel of the annual Nollywood calendar. We look forward to keeping this yearly event. What we celebrate this year is a “Festival of increase”. This is an expression of our firm hope of recording a remarkable increase in the production of our darling Igbo Language movies. "Furthermore,it is a pledge of our determination to make a substantial improvement in our sense of personal commitment and sacrifice to enable us increase the quantity and quality of the infrastructure needed for Igbo Film Industry to stand firm.We therefore urge all and sundry to raise the level of their commitment to, and conviction in Igbo Film Production as their creative community. Please, upgrade your contribution to the creative as well as economic growth of this industry of ours." The body said the festival’s objectives include to create a 24/7 Igbo language television channel on satellite media, Igbo viewing centers, curtail piracy and others.
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