The issue of s3xual harassment in Nollywood has continued to be a thorn in the flesh of the thriving industry, but as things are, there seems not to be an end to it soon. Several people have become victims of the issue all in their efforts to get roles in movies. A budding actress named Mary Adufe, fondly called 'Sisi Ferari', shared her experience with Punch recently after revealing how a producer once offered her a role thinking he would be able to seelp with her at the end of the day. She stated, "The most annoying one that happened to me was with a production manager of a popular soap opera. He behaved nicely to me at the beginning and I started playing the role at the location of the soap opera. "Suddenly, he just changed towards me. He called me and said he gave me the role because of the love he had for me." The actress added that, "Then I begged him to see me as his sister. He did not even allow me to finish the sentence before he said he would recognise his own sister and that he was in love with me." Concluding, she said, "When they were shooting the next episode which I was supposed to continue, he did not bother to call me." your social media marketing partner