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Refusing to say exactly how old he is, controversial musician Terry G was full of joy when he marked his birthday on the 17th of March. And to celebrate with him at a party held at the SOS children village school, in Isolo, Lagos, were surprisingly, his mother who also shares same birthday with him, Uti Nwachukwu of the Big Brother Africa fame and a couple of his other friends. In this interview with Opeoluwani Akintayo Terry G, explains why he chose to celebrate his birthday with the orphans. Enjoy. Why did you choose the SOS village to celebrate your birthday? Nobody advised me to do this. I just believe in God’s word that says ‘give and shall be given unto you.’ You all heard about my accident and I know that, I’m alive today because God spared my life. Today is special and it means a lot to me. I felt I should show appreciation to God for his mercy by giving to the orphanage. Although I’m not an orphan, I have once found myself in a similar situation especially when I was growing with no one to help. I did different odd things in life to survive. And after this, are you also going to celebrate with your friends and well wishers? Yes, but it’s going to be an exclusive affair. It’ll be a gathering for a few of my selected friends. I’m surprised to see you all tangled with your ear, nose rings, shouldn’t you have left then behind for once considering where you are coming, too? As you can see, the act, is different from the personality. I came here to celebrate my birthday with the kids and to have fun with them. What I’m wearing has nothing to do with what I have to share with the kids. How do you feel when you hear people say nasty things about you? Well, I expect them to say such because that’s my kind of controversy. It doesn’t bother me one bit because, what we are in our different homes differ from what we are on the outside. We’re in the world of a make believe and Terry G is no different. The truth is who I am as Terry G is different form who I am as Gabriel. What lesson has life taught you? I had learnt so much about life long before the accident that almost took my life happened. Life has always thought me we should always thank God for his mercy and grace for only his grace and mercy that keep us alive. Nobody is perfect. After the accident, did anything change about you? Well yes. As a person, it only taught me to be careful with my driving. What are we expecting from you, concerning music? My mix tape titled Terry Jesus is coming out soon. It’ll be out before the album. Why Terry Jesus, are you going gospel? Jesus is a name that we all love and believe in. And don’t forget that any body could bear the name Jesus. It’s a common name in the Latin American countries. You devoted part of the lyrics in your new single to the accident, why? It was a big shock which shocked a lot of people. So it inspired me. Any challenge as Terry G? Well, no challenge for now.
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