Oluwabimpe Susan Oluwabimpe Susan, the artiste better known as Goldie, is not just a pretty face. She is focused on making a success of her career in music. In this interview with YEMISI ADENIRAN, the actress relives her journey into the music industry, her love life and the new single she’s about to release into the market. Can you tell us about the new single you are about to drop into the market? The new single, I tell you will be a thriller. I can assure you that all my fans will love it. It is a massive club banger and it has the Nigerian thing in it. It is titled, ‘Don’t touch my body’ and it was produced by SARS. I am putting enough efforts to push out the song and get it across to everybody. I know my fans would love it. Why are you making serious efforts to push out the song? Is it not natural for good songs to circulate ordinarily? That is one of the problems we have in this country. As an artiste, you should always make efforts to push out your songs. There is nothing wrong in pushing my songs and, making sure they get to the appropriate quarters. I am a very talented person and I believe in getting the perfect result every time. If you hear the song, you yourself would love it. It cuts across all age grades. I can assure you by God’s grace that in a matter of weeks, it will become an anthem. How would you appraise your career since you were signed on to Kennis Music? It has been on the positive side. Just like other artistes he has handled, I am enjoying myself and my career is enjoying a lift. Long before now, Mr. Kenny Ogungbe, the Chief Executive Officer of Kennis Music and I have always toyed with the idea of working together since I came into the Nigerian music scene. But I guess the timing wasn’t convenient. I have always admired him from afar. His vision, his passion, his drive and the discipline he instils in all his artistes is apparent by how successful each one of them has become even after they have left Kennis. He had rubbed some of these on me and I believe more are still in the waiting for me. I’m happy to say Kennis Music is like a family to me. Ogungbe is like a father to us all; he inspires me on a daily basis. How would you describe your takeoff period in music? It was fun but a bit hectic. You know I had no management support and was faced with the responsibility of dealing with the creative aspect and the managerial aspect all by myself. That wasn’t easy at all. These days though, with the support of my record company, things have become easier. Your video clips are enjoying massive airplay, how do you feel? I feel extremely grateful to God for His love, grace and mercies. He has allowed me the opportunity to showcase my talent and spread the gospel of good music and quality videos worldwide. It is a blessing. I also appreciate all the radio and television programmes presenters who play my videos all the time, the DJs and all. I really can’t thank them enough. You are hot and really sexy. What is the secret? I’m glad you think I’m sexy. I will attribute my sexy appearance to my innate trait of self confidence and my hotness to the good eating habit and regular exercise that I keep to. I also try as much as possible to wear clothes that suit and flatter my body type. Overall, I guess God is responsible for all that I enjoy. Who are your role models in the industry? I love every individual who has raised the bar and set standards high by virtue of their hard work. I wouldn’t call them role models per say. Among the artistes, I admire P-square for their doggedness. Years after almost everybody had concluded that they would not go far, they surprised everyone. I admire D’banj also for his hard work and consistence, Weird Mc for her unapologetic approach to her craft, Tuface for drawing international awareness to the Nigerian music scene, Ojb Jezreel for his artistry and support of young talents and many others. What are the challenges you face on this job? Well, I’m not really one to dwell on challenges. I see them as stepping stones to reach a higher platform in life. What message were you trying to pass across in your song with Eldee, Gboko lowo re, gbomo lowo re? The song and its lyrics were a playful spoof, it was meant to entertain only and nothing else. It will be amazing to have it misinterpreted. The phrases: Gboko lowo re and Gbomo lowo re are commonly used by many of us on a daily basis. We used it purely for the basis of entertainment. What do you do apart from music? Music is a very time consuming and jealous lover, which I have extreme love and passion for. Right now, I have little room for much else. Music is my passion and my focus; that is what I’m dedicated to right now. What advice do you have for aspiring young female artistes? I will advise them to be extremely confident, kind-hearted, hardworking, prayerful and passionate about what they love doing. They should take their time to discover their passion and stick to it. They should not allow anyone to intimidate them over it. Are you in a relationship or searching? I have never searched. Everything good has always come to me by hard work and diligence. But for the records, I am in a relationship and I am very happy in it; I love my partner and I’m loved back in return. How much did Jawo video cost you? Jawo video was shot on location at The Palms by renowned video director, Clarence Peters. I have no idea of the amount paid in the commissioning of the video as it was a direct transmission between the CEO of Kennis Music and Clarence Peters. What word do you have for your fans? I will just thank them for their support and undying love. I am where and what I am today partly because of them and for this, I’m extremely grateful.
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