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Question Mark Entertainment newest artiste on the scene,Harrison Tare Okiri a.k.a Harrisong weeks ago confessed his love for fellow artiste and colleague on the Kelvin Luciano owned recording label Question Mark, Ego popularly known for her wave making song “Omalicha”. Confessing his affair with the beautiful singer, the Delta State born musician said that contrary to stories making the round for weeks now that he manhandled and gave the female singer a beating of her life, during a brief musical concert in Ikeja,Lagos” What happened was a sort of family affair”. I heard a story making the round that I beat up Ego and even insulted her in the public over a minor misunderstanding we had, but to God be the glory the truth is that, I didn’t beat her, talk less of slapping her, although we exchanged words, but we never insulted other”.” Ego is my in house student, in our recording company, Question Mark Entertainment, we know each other very well and I have great respect for her, same she has for me and we are in love, I love her so much to the extent that nothing would make me raise my hands on her. When reminded that eyewitnesses said that both of them were seen dragging each others and exchanging blows during that shameful drama in an Ikeja Lagos event place, Harry said” whosoever said that is a false witness because what happened was that Ego when she was called to perform that day, wanted me to mount the stage with her, but I told her no because we have never rehearsed the song she wanted us to perform together, as we used to do, so that evening I happened to turn down her request and from there she picked offence, like every other woman would have done, she was pissed off, but while still boiling with anger I told her my reasons, that she should perform other songs she had because I don’t want us to mess up she said no and went ahead to demonstrate her anger on my excuse, while we were back stage, but at a stage she understood my reasons, we didn’t fight, at all and we settled the matter amicably minutes after the drama and we are still cordial since then.” On if they are in romance as been speculated the Delta State born singer answered us thus” I love women and they are my best companion than men, I have many of them as my admirers, of which Ego is one.” Asked why he displayed a suspicious romantic moves to Senator Ita Giwa when he performed before her at an event in Lagos, he said.” Actually I was not having anything bad on my mind, what happened was that I was highly carried away by the spirit of music and when I sighted her I decided to use the opportunity the more to showcase my talent to her, because she is an honorable and highly placed in this country and thank God that before she left she called me to praise me for my talent and we exchanged contacts which I thank God for”.
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