Bankole Wellighton known as Banky W, the ceo of E.M.E actually made Wizkid a superstar. But it’s so disheartening that, there has been much controversies for Wizkid. Wizkid has faced with too many controversies through the year, ranging from impregnating an undergraduate, to allegedly stealing the Pakurumo song, to the internet unclad picture scandal, the rumoured affair between him and sexy actress Tonto Dike and other ‘illicit’ affair-he’s sure got a bagful of scandals rocking his back. In a recent interview,Banky W reacts to Wizkid alleged womanizing and the rest of the rumour. First,the Bible says train your child the way he should go so that when he grows,he will not depart from it.So,I believe if you put the right thing in place and the right training in place and you do the right thing at the beginning.I think Wiz has a good training spirit and I believe he has learnt that from his parents because I took him up two and half years ago.He has great parents and we love them and we have constant communication with them. We need to thank them raising a solid boy like Wiz.So,I am acting as his big brother and boss and I constantly talk to him and the other artiste,Skales.I try to instill discipline in them and level of focus too. Obviously,they live with me and it is very easy to checkmate them and provide the disciplinary roles necessary.So,they take to my advice. Asked,there were some unpleasant reports about Wizkid.As his boss,I want you to react to some.He was alleged to be a womanizer?He said On the alleged womanizing and the rest of the rumour,I am not a stranger when it comes to rumour.In fact,I have a lot of experience when it comes to rumour and it’s always coming up when you have become a recognized figure. There are lots of people that will love you and appreciate you and at the same time,some people’s job is to slander your personality.They will spread as many as possible rumours about you.If you ask them why they are spreading the rumour,they will not have a definite answer other than they don’t just like you. With that,Iam not going to address anybody that wants to tarnish my image and that of my artistes. click the link below to go to... WIZKID DROPOUT OF SCHOOL IN PURSUIT OF MUSICAL CAREER. FAST RISING ACT,WIZKID IMPREGNATES UNDERGRADUATE. HIP-HOP ACT WIZKID ASSAULTS LADY. Wizkid’s Single and Alleged Romance with Actress Tonto Dike. . HIPHOP ACT WIZKID IN SIZZLING ROMANCE WITH LAGOS BIG GIRL. HIPHOP ACT WIZKID IN SIZZLING ROMANCE WITH LAGOS BIG GIRL,LILLIAN. your social media marketing partner