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In most part of the world’s entertainment industry, musical groups are seen making big hits and name for themselves but at one point of their career, they tend to breakup either going solo or into some other businesses. In Nigeria, it is no doubt that there are various musical groups both in the past and present but how sustainable can they be is the question. The country had the likes of Remedies, Plantashun Boyz, Style Plus, Kcee and Presh and many other groups alike who made great hits in the early 90s and 2000 but later went separate ways due to reasons best known to them. In a recent interview, one of the pio0neers of modern day Nigerian hiphop music, Eedris Abdulkareem, disclosed that his then group breaking up was nothing serious but a change of attitude shown by one of the group member. He stated that he was very close to his fellow group members but had issues with Eddy Montana who had a nonchalant attitude while songs are being written. Eedris said, “Nothing serious led to our break-up. We did our 29th show during our Rothman’s Groove tour and the three of us were sharing the money given to us. It got to a stage where someone felt the other was not doing enough in the group. It did not come from me but one of my crew members. Then, the next thing that I noticed was that there was attitude change. I was close to both Tony and Eddy. Whenever I was writing, Tony came close to me to observe but Eddy was always at a corner. One day, Tony told me he was fed up with Eddy’s nonchalant attitude. I told him that sooner or later, everybody would go to face their solo career and he should be prepared for it. I knew it would happen.” Speaking on why Tony Tetuila joined the Plantashun Boyz, the singer revealed that he actually advised him to team up with the group because he knew that Remedies were on the brink of breaking up and it paid off for him. “I advised Tony Tetuila to team up with the Plantashun Boyz and he bought the idea immediately. He did not wait at all and right on tour, he teamed up with the Plantainshun Boiz. Once they got back to Lagos they recorded, Omode Meta. Eddy came to report to me and I told him I heard the song on radio too. They released an album with Tony Tetuila and shortly after, Remedies broke up,” he added.
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