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One thing that gives an entertainer joy is when his audience, no matter the class, enjoy his performance. This gives him more inspiration to do better in order to be called another day for another job, which in turns means more money. For Nigerian singer called Wizkid, he should be on a roller coaster ride because recently, the number one citizen of Gambia, a small West African country surrounded by Senegal, Yahya Jammeh, felt the impact of his entertaining prowess to the extent of him becoming an ‘Oliver twist’. The young artiste had travelled to the country to thrill the people of Gambia, who celebrated their Independence Day some days ago. He performed at the 30,000 capacity Bakau Independence Stadium and he thrilled the audience, who wanted more from him as well as the country’s President. Wizkid sang most of his hit tracks, including singles from his recently released album entitled 'Ayo' and the crowd kept singing along with him. President Jammeh asked the music sensation to do a repeat performance the following day, which Wizkid obliged. He shared the information on his Instagram page, "With the president of the Gambia!! He loved the performance he wanted me to perform twice to the people!!! They loved it!! Love!" Although, he did not reveal if the president paid extra for the performance, but he surely got the President as his super fan in Gambia, which is a plus to him. Wizkid must be in 'seventh heavens' by now.
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