How many people will agree with singer, Sean Tizzle’s analysis about Africans not always supporting the career of their singers unlike the Western counterparts? The singer recently lashed out Africans after they failed to support Nigerian singer, Omawunmi’s latest single ‘Hello’ which he described as the best compared to American singer, Adele’s version. According to him, “Why is that Omawumi sings the best cover to "Hello" & it's not a big deal but Adele sings a weak version & gets over 230 million views?” He stressed that the problem that is being faced in the entertainment industry is that Nigerians and Africans don’t support their own rather they are always quick to judge. “We really need to start supporting each other, see that's our problem. We don't see the bigger picture, always so quick to judge & react. Arabs stick together, Spanish stick together, Chinese stick together so much they look alike, Africans, well let's just say I'll be right back,” he said. your social media marketing partner