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In 2015 the first lady of Tripple MG, Emma Nyra, left the record label due to some rumored personal issue with the CEO, Ubi Franklin. The whole problem allegedly started when Ubi Franklin got engaged to Lilian Esoro, which didn’t go down well with Emma Nyra. Though Emma and Ubi subsequently denied their affair, but it was rumored they did have an affair, and Ubi engaging someone else was like a slap on Emma’s face. After she left the Label, she disclosed she left due to the fact she needed to try something new, not because of any personal issue with the CEO. However, ever since she left, the Label did not sign a new artiste. In a recent interview, Ubi has revealed that a new female artiste has been signed to his label, though he refuse to disclose the name of the artiste, but he made it known that she is a popular artiste. The suspense is intensifying as people are anxious to know who the new artiste is, hopefully he might unveil her soon. Other artiste under the label is Iyanya, Tekno and Baci.
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