WHILE Adamawan homeboy, J.J. Matekai (a.k.a J. Real) was partying with Ruggedman last Wednesday at the latter’s birthday bash in Ibadan, rumours of the death of the Bachaman native spread all over Yola, just as DJ Zeez expressed disgust with rumour mongers as they once said same of him. J.Real, who not only expressed shock at his death rumour to Nigezie, informed NFC that “death is the last thing that will come” his way now,” not till I reach where God wants me to.” “It’s so funny that I’m here performing at Rugged’s birthday and my enemies are insisting up North that I have died. Of course I’ll never forget this two-in-one date in my life, birthday bash and death rumour,” he said . Pizat Lepdung in Jos was the first to call to find out from the act if it was true he was involved in an accident. Also, the secretary of PMAN in Yola, Mozyte, and Daniel Tune Karka, called to find out what happened.”Lagos boy, are you ok?” was all his uncle could say. It was concluded that Matekai had died in a car crash with his friend in Jos two weeks ago, unknown to his people that the musician had travelled to Lagos to meet some marketers. However, the artiste was not weighed down by the death rumour as he dazzled guests at the birthday bash. Matekai was not the only act that dazzled at the birthday bash, so did E-Vocal, whose song,”Gbadun Your Number,” was undoubtedly the revelation of the bash. Son-In-Law, ABY, D-Ryms, also won new fans to themselves as they dazzled with songs that are yet to be released. Ruggedman, the man for whom all had gathered at the Ring-Road club,was delighted that Ibadan-based upcoming acts performed creditably well at the event. “I have always believed that there are talents in this country, Ibadan is not left out. “I deliberately chose to mark my birthday with my fans there because I love them the way love me. I thank them all,” he said. From Lagos with Rugged were Da Grin, the biggest revelation that day. With fans pouring expensive choice drinks on him as mark of appreciation following his stunning performance,, Da Grin promised to come back to Ibadan soon. “I never knew I had this much fans in Ib. I’m coming back again soon,” he informed. Also, DJ Zeez raised the roof the club, especially with his song, “Bobbie E,” and “O4 kasibe.” Ruggedman dished out his fan’s favourite songs, just as he sang two of his yet-to-be-released songs. “It’s in Ibadan that I’ve done that. I haven’t played any song from my next album anywhere yet.” Meanwhile, the 7,000 Lagos fans of Ruggedman had earlier prevented the birthday boy from partaking in the “wildest and best party” he lever had in life. Memories of the old Lekki Songsplash of yore was relived at the Oniru beach venue with snarling traffic extending from Oniru to Ade Ola Odeku and Onikan preventing traffic flow on September 20. Excited about the crowd though, Ruggedman was bitter over the lack of coordination that resulted in the traffic chaos. “I couldn’t perform. So couldn’t many of my friends,” he complained. Among those who were there but couldn’t perform were 2Face, African China, Nigga Raw, Mr. Solek, Princess, Keli Hansom and many others. Efforts by Omobaba were equally frustrated by the teeming crowd as a lot was distributed.” It was supposed to be a birthday bash. But then, it’s the best time I ever had. I only wished the crowd control was properly handled,” Rugged told RMT. Even at that, Rugged Records smiled to the bank. He intends to take proceeds from the gate to an orphanage.
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