Why did you say you are afraid during our phone discussion? Yes, I’m afraid. Some journalists called me while I was in Abuja last month requesting for an interview which I declined. A week later, I saw a two page interview - question and answer format, on a journal, which they said I granted. But I know I never granted anyone interview. I actually went to pick a few things in a super market with a friend when he drew my attention to the publication that was starring at both of us with my full photograph on cover in a Lagos-based life style magazine. We picked a copy only to find out that everything was fabricated and I strongly suspect that the reporters of that story must be on the payroll of somebody somewhere out to tarnish my image. What did you do about that? I called the contact that was on the masthead of the journal and I inquired from the guy who picked my call why they were doing this to me. Rather than show remorse or even sympathize with me, he was shouting at me, saying that if I feel I did not grant the interview I should get a lawyer and that is why I concluded that they may have been sponsored to publish that against me. How did your lawyer react to that? He said I should ignore it but warned that I should be more careful in my utterances, especially with the press. That is why I am really scared about talking to any member of the press right now. So, how far with life since you parted ways with Ure? I don’t want to talk about that because everyone has his/her life to live. I am looking ahead. I have to move on after all, I’m still young. How old are you? I’m 26. I am just 26 and see the many controversies following me simply because I broke up from a relationship. It’s not good for me at this point in my life. What do you mean by move on? With time, I would put up something to tell my own side of the story and I just have to move on. I’m putting my experience to my calling/career. By October, I’m going to release my new album with 10 video tapes, the first of its kind in Nigeria. Soul E Entertainment is packaging that and I’m working with some foreign partners. I’m pre-occupied with that and immediately my album drops, everyone will know that Soul E is at it again. You can see that I am very busy right now and needs none of these distractions. What is the album about? The album is going to cause sensation for all I know. There are too many tracks there that will address some pressing issues and I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag yet. Ure used to be your manager, who is managing you now? Ure was never my manager though she used to say so. She was just part of my team. I had a team then and she was more or less the leader of the team, as my babe what do you expect? Right now, I have some people I’m working with. I am not one of those artists that rush to drop an album and in less than six months the album is forgotten. I have a team I’m working with. I have local and international members of this team so that as soon as the album drops it will be at all locations at the same time. They are mainly foreigners and of course, trustworthy. I have to do so because indigenous marketers and promoters have dealt with me. I’m taking my time about so many things. When did you actually break up with Ure? We broke up about 13 months ago. Truth is that we have broken up long before it became a public thing. It was Ure that made a public issue of it. As far as I am concerned, no one was there when we began and we owe no one apology over our break-up. We are both adults. When we discovered that the relationship may not work as desired, we met over it and agreed on disengagement. Unfortunately, before I came back from an overseas tour the news was everywhere. Where you still living together after that misunderstanding? No, no. We were also not living together anymore; I have a place at Isolo. How is your life then and now? I am happy and she is happy too. We were created separately by God. It only happened that we met and separated from being intimate but we are still friends. Have you found Ure’s replacement? That is not my problem for now. Presently, I am married to my music, particularly this hit album that I am currently working on. Like I have said, until I drop that album, nothing matters for now. I don’t want any distraction at this point in time. I have said and I mean it. I know myself when I fall in love; I fall in love like a fool. Let me do some important and serious things first. You mean there’s no one at all now? I beg oo na my music I dey now. Every other thing tire me. I just want to face my music, simple. How long did your union with Ure last? Our relationship lasted for about a year. Was it indeed love or infatuation? We were both in love. We did love ourselves very well. We were both adults so rule infatuation out of it. If it comes to being in love in the real sense of it, we were indeed in love. We just noticed that it was not getting well according to our expectation so we talked about it and took our stand. What are those things that were not working out? Sorry, I don’t want to go into that. It is personal and only between the two of us. The crux of the matter is that it did not work out. That’s all. We are adults; we know when a boat is heading for a crash. I do not really understand the hullabaloo about a sour relationship. Relationships pack up every now and then and no one gives a damn about it. Why is Soul E’s case different? As we are talking now, some relationships are crashing but they seen as normal. Why can’t mine be the same? I want to correct an impression. Some quarters think I am a gold digger who went into that relationship with Ure because of her material well-being. That is a farce. I have not been with her for over a year now and I know what I have in my account. I mean I was already a star before I began with her. Those who are my friends and close to me know who I am and what I stand for. My Dad was sad that our relationship was reduced to a money thing. What would your next choice be like? She could be anybody, from anywhere and of whatever age. She could be my senior or I her senior. I don’t give a damn about age as long as I love her and she loves me in return. I cannot shape my life to suit what people say, which is not part of my plan for my life. How long am I going to live such a fake life? I have to live my life for what I want to make of life. Fact remains that I am me and you are you. So if I find another woman I love and as I have said, who loves me, too and we are compatible, without looking at her age, there I go again. To my fans This relationship thing with Ure really brought me to face the reality of my life. The way it is celebrated considering my age, my career and all that, tells me that I am a star. I think that is the only reason why I could get all that attention. To my fans, I love you all. Michael Jackson vs Soul E I was listening to some Michael Jackson’s experience as he expressed in some of his works. I discovered that we share a lot in common like his popularity with the press and the way people talk about us, as in his many legal tussles, we are just alike. People say the Christ/Love Villa is yours; what is the truth? That is one of the erroneous impressions people hold about me, too. That is not my church. It is Ure’s church and that is why the church is still going on with her as the Pastor even as I am no more with her. That I assisted in forming the church does not make it mine or part of the owner. She is the person who had the vision while I supported her as her man. Ure said God used you to bring about the church. Is it true? If she said so, fine; but she had always wanted to be a pastor while we were both in Household of God Mission but Pastor Chris Okotie did not want her to be one. I mean I was her man then, why won’t I support her dream? In 2005, she worked hard to be made a pastor by Chris Okotie but Okotie said no. But when she said she was going to form a church, I said fine and so encouraged her. Why do you think Okotie refused? I don’t know anything about that. That is entirely their business. I’m not concerned about that. Do you have some parting words for her? Ure will always be my friend. She is not my enemy. She has some sterling qualities in her you can’t deny. She’s a good woman. I wish it worked well for us but alas, it did not. I do sincerely wish her well. Why did you not attend her birthday thanksgiving? We will talk on phone. That morning I was on AIT on Morning Ride and got myself busy afterwards. She remains my friend. I will give her a shower tonight. I’m not saying that we have maintained a close relationship ever since the break-up but I mean that was her birthday, I would have been there. When this new album I am working on right now drops, it is going to also change a lot of lives and people’s perception of me. I’m using it to send a message. I’m a musician, everything that happens to a musician he uses as working tool. So, I am going to put my experience into a creative art so that the world would know my side of the story. Michael Jackson lived his life singing about his experiences and about himself. All his life, it was from one law suit to another and that is like my fate but I have rejected that aspect now in Jesus name, Amen. Everyone wanted to fleece him. His experiences affected him and shaped most of his music. So, everyone should watch out for that album.
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