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Singer Afrocandy addresses critics of her song and video for ‘Ikebe na money‘. Judith ‘Afrocandy’ Mazagwu combines acting, producing, singing and modelling with a job as medical billing and coding specialist. The single mother is a very legal citizen of the US. The song and video for ‘Ikebe na money‘ almost immediately raised a stir when it released. It’s time to set the record straight about my video Ikebe Na Moni. First of all I want to talk to my critiques, I guess you guys think I am not smart enough to allow you criticisms get to me right? Well, I have to tell you that you are all wasting your time, losing your sleep, instead of getting off your computers to look for something else to do. You’re ranting, cursing and wining would never change a thing as it cannot stop me from doing music. I went through most websites and saw most of the comments posted on them, they are rather harsh and I tell you, it only take a very strong heart to survive in the Nigerian Music industry. I’ve heard and watch a couple of talented Artists, most of them who tried to branch into music from acting just drop their God’s given talent , wind up and go all because of criticisms. I will not fall out like that for your information, I am here to stay and if you do not like my style, I can tell you that it’s a “Free Ride” you either shut up and enjoy the “Ride” or get out, it’s not by force. Again, the message on my song/video is not telling anybody to go on and prostitute themselves or sell themselves cheap, it only advising most African ladies that do not know how to use what God has given to them which is the “Ikebe” (butt). For instance, when I was shooting the video for my first single, I met a young lady of about 25 yeas of aga in a retail store; she had two kids with her and I learnt they were her kids. The lady was biracial and she had one of the most beautiful curved bodies I have ever seen in my life. I approached her to use her in my video but she rejected my offer saying, “Ooooooh my boyfriend would kill me”. I was like ‘who is your boyfriend and where is he?‘ Not knowing that the Crack-head-looking guy beside her was the guy. From my own standing, that guy had no future and he is about to waste the beautiful thing like that if no one comes to her rescue soonest. If he had the opportunity to listening to my Song and follow my advice, she would at least have ended up with a better guy and I presume she knows how to work her ‘Ikebe’ to have giving birth to 2 kids already at 25. Another instance, I would not call names here but I have some African girlfriends who told me, they never “go down” or “give heads” to their men. What would you call that? To me it’s not civil and ignorance. They live like that with their miserable lives complaining every time that their men don’t give them cash or buy them gifts, that their men go out chasing “Akata”[other women]. Who is resposible…..eh? You brought it upon yourselves. So my people, we need to grow up, wisen up and learn instead of standing in the way of civilization. Take my advice and work ‘what your Mama gave you’ and see what happens. I am talking from experience because I’ve been there done that. When I was married, I worked with mine and any night I performed well, I got whatever I wanted from my HUSBAND the next morning. Let me tell you something, Men are Not stupid! Ok enough said so far. Let me introduce myself to most of you that do not know me. My name is Judith Opara Mazagwu a.k.a. Afrocandy. I was born into the family of Late Nze Ogadimma Opara and Agatha Opara of Umuduruebo Ugiri-ike in Ikeduru Local government area of Imo state, Nigeria on July 12, 1971 and I will be 39 years old by July. I am proud to say my age anywhere, anytime and any day because I don’t look it and most people don’t believe me when I say it. I am an actress, model, script and song writer, a performing artist, who writes her own songs and beats, an independent producer, a medical billing and coding specialist. I also have an associate degree in Office Administration and an undergraduate of Bachelor of Science in Business management. I am a trained fire guard/security officer, the CEO of INVISIBEL TWINS PRODUCTIONS LLC and above all, I am a single mother of two beautiful girls. I am a humble, down to earth, friendly, intelligent, hard working and career oriented woman. I migrated to the United States of America. A beautiful country that gives you the opportunity to be what you want to be and I travelled with my Legal documents (Green Card). I have never committed a crime, I keep my hands straight but you can bet I’ll do anything for Showbiz which is what I love to do. So you can call me a “Jack of All Trade”
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