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• To be flown abroad again for further treatment • Fans offer prayers Contrary to the widespread rumour that veteran Fuji icon, Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister is dead, his son says his father is alive but still in a critical condition. Speaking with us at the Havana Hospital where his father is being admitted, Barrister’s son made it clear that his father is alive and is on the verge of being flown abroad again for further treatment. On July 28, 2010, the Nigerian entertainment industry was thrown into shock following unconfirmed reports that the Fuji icon had kicked the bucket. This came on the heels of the death of popular actress, Toun Oni. However, in the same manner the rumour kicked off, it naturally fizzled out as Barrister has been confirmed to be alive but still critically ill. In the past three years, Barrister has been in and out of hospitals as a result of a massive deterioration in his health and was even flown to a popular hospital in India where he underwent a major operation. Despite the fact that members of his family have continually expressed the preference to keep his ailment under wraps, a source revealed that the Fuji icon is suffering from a heart-related disease and further made worse by his weight and other related complications. Barrister’s critical condition hit the headlines sometime last year when he slumped on stage on a number of occasions and had to be carried off the stage to receive medical attention. We recently reported that after seeking medical attention overseas without any visible improvement, the pioneer Fuji star was flown back to the country and was admitted at Havana Hospital, Surulere in Lagos. A source at the hospital revealed that despite being admitted at the hospital, Barrister’s health condition was yet to show any signs of improvement. He added that his condition has degenerated so much that he hardly recognises visitors and can barely stand or sit on his own without being aided; a confirmation of the fact that he never fully recovered from the complications he had with his former leg. It is on record that Barrister once complained about a troubled leg following an injury he sustained during his days in the Nigerian Army and other complications, which forced him to relocate to the United States of America. At the hospital, he has been visited by friends and colleagues including his friend, Alhaji Kolington Ayinla. We however, gathered that the Fuji maestro is presently on the verge of being flown abroad again for treatment and it was on this note that some of his teeming fans expressed their fears about his health but dwelt more on offering prayers for his quick recovery. On the World Wide Web, some of his fans offered their prayers using various identities. An ardent fan, Kolawole Olalekan Taofeek highlighted how much Barrister had achieved with his music and offered prayers for his quick recovery. “I wish the doyen of Fuji soonest recovery-Amen. He has contributed immensely to the progress of the Fuji industry and Insha-Allah, he will live long to reap the fruit of his labour- Ameinah! Alhaji Agba is a very straight forward person whose yes remain yes - come rain come sunshine. He is an upright person. He sticks to his beliefs and stands by the truth always. Even during military regime, he took his stand on democracy as the ultimate. May Allah grant him good health and long life to use his usual medium to educate our politicians on way forward- Aminah-Yarrab!” For Shandy, she offered her prayers in six words, “Speedy recovery in Jesus Name! Amen!” In the same vein, Abdul Waheed equally offered his prayer for the sick Fuji star. “May Allah heal him with more strength 2 enable him continue 2 deliever on his prophetic songs.” Still on the prayers, Ayinde Taoreed Akin urged the herbal medial practitioners to use this opportunity to confirm some of their extravagant claims of medical potency. “Dr. Sikiru Ayinde will soon get better. All we need is prayer for the star. Our herbal medical practitioners here in Nigeria should also apply their herbs to improve the health of Alhaji Agba.” While another fan, Adewale said, “May Almighty Allah protect and grant him quick recovery,” another loyalist, Moshood also rendered prayers for Barrister, “May Allah grant him speedy recovery.”
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