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Joel got signed on Kennis music label some few months back and it’s so interesting to know is fast becoming a household name. Kennis music are known for discovering fresh and new talent, and with the records of great artistes like Eedris Abdulkareem, Tony Tetula , Slam, Marvellous Bengy, 2face, Jaywon they’ve produced and managed in the past, one need to have no doubt that they will definitely take Joel career to the next level. Joel first single title “I no mind” is currently rocking the airwaves both on radio and television, but what baffles me most is the similarities this fresh talent share with 2face Idibia. According to findings on Joel we discovered that apart from the fact that he has a facial look just exactly like 2face, they have almost the same voice texture, hail from the idoma ethnic group in the Southern part of Benue State in central Nigeria. And lastly, His being signed on 2face’s former record label in which I think all this is far beyond mere coincidence. With all the features Joel shared with 2Baba, His he capable of shaking the world, like 2face Idibia? Let’s keep our fingers cross and see how event unfold.
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