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The entertainment industry in Nigeria has witnessed a significant growth in the past few years. The music sector in particular has been on the rise so much so that new artistes spring forth almost on a daily basis. Before the great turnaround in the industry, however, some music artistes used to be the rave of the moment until they faded off. Some of these old faces had at one time or the other tried to stage a comeback by pushing out new albums to test the waters so as not to be pushed off the musical scene by the younger generation. Sadly, their efforts have not been commercially successful. We takes a look at some of these artistes that tried to re-launch themselves into the music industry lackky: Edward Inyang, popularly known as Blackky, stormed the Nigerian music industry years back with his contemporary reggae moves. He became the toast of the moment, winning awards and melting many ladies’ hearts in the process. With hit songs like Delilah, Rosie, Blackky Skank and some others, The Black Man (as he calls himself), didn’t do badly during his time, making a significant impact on reggae in Nigeria. Blackky launched his sixth album, The Reggae Icon, last year and so far, he is still yet to make the impact he made many years ago. We must not lose sight of the fact that some people still love him as he still gets to perform in some shows, especially in the South-South. Zaaki Adzee Torchlight carrier, Zaaki Adzee, is known everywhere in the country: One, for his identity torchlight; and two, his Tiv cap and his song, Mata. Perhaps, to fit into the widely accepted hip hop genre, Zaaki came out with Catch Fire, featuring Eldee, sometime last year. Though the track topped the charts for a while, it didn’t get him the visibility that he probably desired. Kudos should be given to him for his Deep Inside featuring Adewale Ayuba: the video is accepted by so many people. Eedris Abdulkareem: Eedris Turayo Abdulkareem Ajenifuja, once upon a time, was one of the best hip hop acts in Nigeria when he came into the scene with three hit albums released under Kennis Music. Surrounded by some controversies when his career was at its peak, his fame waned and little or nothing more was heard of Mr. Lecturer (as he was also known then), for a long time. With his own record label, La Kreem Music, Eedris came back some time in 2005 with The King is Back. He, however, was not able to regain his position in the Nigerian hip hop world with that album. Not too long ago, Eedris went back to his roots by joining Kennis Music and has come out with another album, Unfinished Business. Even with this latest effort, the dude is yet to reclaim his lost glory. Eddy Montana Brown A member of the group, The Remedies, Eddy Montana Brown, popularly known as Eddy Remedy, has not been able to make a success of his musical career since he became a solo artiste. This is one artiste many might say moved from prominence to obscurity even after he attempted a comeback when he dropped a single, Sentimental, in 2009. Tried as he did, Eddy has not been able to reach the mark he made years back. Ras Kimono Rub-a-dub master, Ras Kimono, can’t be forgotten in a hurry as he was one of the musicians who shook the entertainment industry many years ago. Kimono went to the United States of America after this. Unfortunately, the music scene witnessed a great transformation during Kimono’s hiatus and probably because of the transformation, the reggae artiste returned to Nigeria to re-launch himself. Now out with a single, Veteran, Kimono is trying so hard to be a part of the hot items in the music industry. It seems he is still searching for the right chemistry. Charley Boy Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charley Boy, is not a small fry in the music industry and he has gone ahead to prove that in so many ways. Named His Royal Punkness, CB joined the hip hop acts in 2009 when he came out with Ninja Bike, which he wowed a lot of people with. Though the video of the album is very tight, nothing more was heard of the track or even other tracks in the album after the initial buzz died down. Azadus Azadus won many fans with his hit songs, You is The One but somehow, it looked as if the fortunes of the once rave of the moment has descended into obscurity. He didn’t give up though as he tried to still remained relevant in music as planned to drop an album a few years ago. Some of the tracks even enjoyed some airplay, but somehow, the album never landed. Tony Tetuila Another member of the defunct group, The Remedies, Tony Tetuila became so popular with his hit songs, My Car and I’m in Love with Two Women. When the songs faded, Tetuila seemed to have faded off too; he couldn’t up his ante again. He, however, tried his best recently to come out with another single, If I Catch You. The effort didn’t earn him any space among the top artistes list.
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