TAIWO Hassan (a.k.a. Ogogo) has denied reports that he had been diagnosed an HIV/AIDS positive patent.

Describing the report as “wicked and in bad taste,” the actor said he had undergone a series of tests, HIV test inclusive, and had come out negative, wondering where the false information had emanated.

“When friends and fans won’t stop bombarding me with calls that they had read of my negative HIV status, I just laughed and concluded that you reporters have started again,” he said.

According to him, it is true he had gone for a test recently, the report which the outfit never bothered to find out, and which still came out negative. “I have taken HIV/AIDS tests in Europe, US and Nigeria, severally too, and the result had always been the same, negative.”

“Infact, the last time I went for a test was March this year and it was negative. Even though the media belongs to a friend, I am considering taking legal action against it.”

“I have said it severally that what’s happening is beyond the physical. It started with an ulcer that got so bad that I couldn’t eat without spewing my food for one and half years.

“Things got better when a spiritualist helped me out and I could only take pap for about eight months. The day I asked for amala was when I began to recover, but I had lost a lot of weight and people started saying I had AIDS.

“Of course I was concerned, so I went to my doctor who advised that I take some tests. I even took HIV tests. All came out negative, till March this year. “I guess the reporter was only told I had gone for HIV test and went to report that I had AIDS, but never bothered to find out the result of the test.

“That’s why I said the report was wicked and in bad taste. I am considering legal options,” he said.