Popular model, designer, beauty blogger and Radio/TV Host, Sarah Ofili is relieved now, as her impersonator has been apprehended by the men of Nigeria police force.

Sometime ago, the model sent out a press release distancing herself from someone who has been impersonating her and demanding money from the general public.

Finally, the Nigerian Police have helped Sarah track down her impersonator. Here’s what she said thanking everyone who helped to track the young man defrauding innocent Nigerians.

“ATTENTION: This is 24yrs old Terry Andy Edwards, my impersonator and the brains behind those scam messages you have been receiving, claiming I am doing a modelling search in collaboration with Gold Modeling Agency, Etisalat, Modela etc. It came to my attention last year after I got several complains from various people.Finally, with the help of a lady he scammed, the police from the crime unit in GRA Minna division were able to help us track him down in PH. I apologize to everyone who was affected by this criminal, the best I could do was at least help bring him to justice for everyone! Thank you to the GRA Minna Officers. UBA Bank for assisting the police. The young lady (name withheld for security). My Lawyers. And everyone else who assisted one way or the other. God bless you all! The Police is your friend. Justice For All. Scammers. Fraud. Impersonation.’’