In an exclusive chat with The Punch, the singer revealed what led to her death at 74. He explained that she slipped and fell on a staircase.

He said, “My mother was 74 years old when she died. What really happened was that she took a stroll and when she returned home, she slipped on the stairs and fell.

By the time they took her to the hospital, it was too late as she had passed on. After some medical investigation, we learnt that her blood pressure and sugar level was quite high.”

The singer noted that when his mother was alive, she was a huge influence on his music. He told The Punch that his mother advised him to always infuse proverbs from their native dialect in his songs.

“When it comes to my music, my mother encouraged me in so many ways especially during the early stage of my career.

In all my songs, I always speak in my native language and it was my mother that inspired that. She used to send proverbs to me in our native language and I use those proverbs in my song.

She advised me to infuse the proverbs in my songs. Even before she died, I was working on a song where I also infused the recent proverbs she sent to me,” Alariwo said.