Nigerian on air personality Adenike Oyetunde has told the general public and those who have been using her photos for disability campaign without her knowledge to stop.

The INFO FM OAP has hinted she will sue any one with such act again as she is also a lawyer who was called to bar ten year ago.

Adenike who is a survivor of the deadly disease is growing stronger every day.

She wrote,

“Don’t ever use my image on your project, without first getting approval; don’t. It’s a new year!!! Be warned… The fact that whatever it is, might even have to do with disability, gives you NO right to even do it. I don’t jump on every project.

Be honest with people. Imagine, I found out the 7am call, was from a member of the team. How ludicrous. And they kept passing the buck. Be responsible.

Whoever convenes, heads, organizes events or projects, MUST, take full responsibility

Stop using people’s names, logos, images; this year, you will pay. Stop using my own

It’s one project at a time. We’ll get to you all, gradually. Order must come, one day at a time. That I smile doesn’t mean I’m a fool.

Well don’t forget I was called to bar almost ten years ago, well like eight years now; or is it nine whatever you get the point. Learn about intellectual property rights, be smart don’t shut your projects or campaign down by yourself. Learn to do things the right way. I let an apology this time, the next one, I’ll sue your behind and you’ll pay for it.”