Seeing glamorously dressed ladies go on the red carpet looking effortlessly chic can be overwhelming. The most irresistible is when we see the perfect finishing of their beauty looks that add to their appealing outfits. Criticisms should not be thrown at entertainers alone who do all the flashy dressing to events but a look should be given to the TV presenters also who sit in front of the screen to do what they know how to do best. Before a presenter goes on air (TV), he or she would have been well make-up for that will make the fellow look different from the natural looks. These is to ensure that the person’s look conforms to the available light in the studio, to be able to avoid a dull face, to use the make-up to cover some facial challenges and sometimes for the beauty of the programme and many more. But these days, lots of make-up artistes keep surfacing just to make a living thereby painting people’s face beyond recognition. Recently, TVC’s on-air-personality’s picture was on line with a kind of make-up that almost got some fans worried. If not that she is well known through her entertainment programme, the story would have been different. your social media marketing partner