This flick is from the stable of Cradle Concepts Interplus (CCI+). The new flick that will hit the movie shelves any moment from now was written and directed by Kehinde Kunle Ogungbamigbe (KK). Elegiri that introduces Yinka Williams Omogoye as Inaolaji, parades the likes of Dr Kola Oyewo, Sunday Afolabi (Owoblow), Pa Kasumu, Ibrahim Chatta (Ojoja), Aremu Afolayan, Sunkanmi Omobolanle, Tito Harrison Nancy Shuaib, Soji Taiwo (Omo Banke) and a host of other great acts. The film takes a cursory look at a series of events set in motion by an ethno-religion crisis which affected a chartered accountant and his two young sons. He returned to the South West with nothing and became a commercial bus driver. Fate landed him in the police net after returning a wallet of a senior Police officer who boarded his bus earlier in the day. He and his younger son did not live to proof his innocence of stealing the cash alleged by the police officer, whose wallet was voluntarily returned. The chartered accountant was killed leaving his 13 years old son to face the vicissitudes of life alone. The boy grew up to become a law enforcement officer, and he rose from enforcing laws to law breaking, forgetting that no matter how pleasurable the trip with the devil may be, it is not a safe journey and that crime is never a panacea to poverty. your social media marketing partner