Stella Damasus-Aboderin Three things are certain, Stella Damasus-Aboderin-Nzeribe has a long name, she has had her her fair share of controversies, last but most importantly, she is a talented actor who has been away from the nollywood scene far too long for her fans to bear. There is nothing we can do about the long name but we can certainly break the good news to her numerous long suffering fans - Stella's got her groove back! The star actress has been missing from Nollywood prefering to explore other entertainment avenues rather than waste precious time swimming upstream in the sea of mediocrity abound in Asabawood. Blessing Effiom-Egbe's latest offering "Two brides and A Baby" is SDA's comeback vehicle and the much we can see, the ride is looking like a beautiful luxury car. The story revolves around a couple Kole and Keche preparing for the perfect Nigerian wedding, a chance to showcase a perfect union until things take unexpected turns & twists. They must fight to keep their dreams of a happy life together. You can view the featurette or behind the scenes video here "Two Brides" is Effiom-Egbe's second major movie production . The first was "The Rivals" which won Best Film at the 2007 New York International Independent film and video festival. Blessing is a former fashion model turned producer/writer/actress who has found a way to make better quality films than many Nollywood producers with hundreds of productions under their belts. The movie is directed by Teco Benson who is known for directing action films in Nollywood. This film apparently marries his action background to Blessing's production style and quality which will definitely make for an even better quality film than we routinely get in Nollywood. "Two Brides" also showcases talented up and coming actors on the new nollywood circuit. Kudos to Blessing Egbe for recognizing talent that most Nollywood producers have missed out on including AMAA winners OC Ukeje (White Waters), and Chelsea Eze (Silent Scandals), also Okey Uzoeshi, Kehinde Bankole (Tinsel) and Heidra Hewatch (Kajola). The film was shot by Abdulahi Yusuf, costume design by celebrated Nigerian designer Frank Oshodi and set design by Paulette Orizo your social media marketing partner