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This incident took many residents of the oil rich city of Warri by surprise and utter disbelief.The unfortunate incident was about how the daughter of a top official of a plum government parastatal killed her elder sister over a sugar daddy. We gathered that the lady was killed by her younger sister during a conflict over her sugar daddy who is a worker with a multinational oil giant. The shameful and unfortunate event which occurred at Cemetery Road area of the oil city has thrown the family into a deep state of mourning. It was gathered that the younger sister,a third year university student discovered that her elder sister,Cecilia was having a relationship with her own (the younger sister) sugar daddy,who is married to 2 wives in Warri.This discovery and subsequent questioning of her sister resulted in a fierce fight,during which all forms of dangerous weapons were freely used by the duo,and in the process,the elder sister was fatally stabbed by her younger sister,resulting in her death. At the moment,the younger sister is cooling off in police cell,while the family is looking for a way to resolve the issue as a family matter,so as not to lose their 2 daughters,should the younger girl face trial for murder.
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