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Desmond Elliot, the actor cum director who is seriously reducing his weight to go back into acting fully has just made an expose about his wife. In an interview where he was asked how she met his wife, he explained how they met and stated the other side of his wife which was supposed to be a family thing. In his explanation on how he met his wife, he said it was her beauty first that first created that attention before he later discovered other attributes which are, God fearing, not too flashy, humble etc. ``I wasn’t thinking ‘wife’ when I met her then because we dated like eight years before coming into marriage. As we became closer, I just fell in love and when it comes to love, you do not tell your heart who to love, so it was the fact that I love her and it’s even sweeter now because we have grown better and we understand each other. Only that she likes money a lot more than I used to think she liked money,`` Desmond said.
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