Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC), Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo and his wife, Pastor Yemisi Ashimolowo, hosted the 2014 Couples Summit at KICC Prayer City in Chatham, London. The theme of the summit centered on ‘Bringing The Romance Back To Your Marriage‘, ‘Raising Champion Children‘ and other related issues. Below are quotes as said by the highly-revered pastor and his wife during the summit: PASTOR MATTHEW ASHIMOLOWO (Speaking On Marriage Matters) - Church and anointing is not enough bullet-proof for a successful marriage - It’s good to have a fair balance of compatibility and complementary for a good marriage - Marriage is about getting, not giving. Build your marriage – GIVE - Denial of sex is dangerous. Don’t use fasting and prayer wrongly to defraud one another. - Couples should both stimulate each other intellectually - No marriage ever grows that refuses to feed the future with the manure of the past - Spending long time away can destroy homes - Good communication is absolutely necessary for successful marriages. - Lifestyle of a couple determines the financial system they run - Marriage would be better of if the couple understood that they are on the same side. - Know how to manage your relations. Build your marriage. Enjoy each other’s company - Issue: Poor treatment from in-laws.Cut them off?. Answer: Check yourself if its reaction to something you did. Relate, but with boundaries. - Question: Not sharing info with spouse? Answer: Don’t encourage that. Tell your family not to share with you if they dont want you to share. - If you come from a disconnected home, don’t rush into marriage. Heal first - Give quantity of time at work, quality of time at home. - Sometimes one has to unlearn the devils of their parents’ home. - If you don’t snap out of idealism, your marriage will fail - Idealism is 1 of the main reasons marriages fail. No marriage is perfect. You have to work at it. - Stop complaining, going into self pity mode,manipulation, intimidation. You’re not scoring points: you’re destroying. - Low self-esteem causes problems in marriage.Such a spouse ends up being loving, but not loved. - 3 main establishments satan is fighting against are 1. Marriage 2. Government 3. The church. PASTOR YEMISI ASHIMOLOWO (Speaking On Home Improvement) - Don’t lose your ‘fire’ (love at the beginning). - Treat your husband or wife with respect. Stop being self-centred. - Don’t go to bed angry. Resist the temptation to yell. - You can tell the type of man a husband is when you see his wife - Admit your faults promptly. Avoid interruptions. - Learn to listen & empathise. - Stop sweeping things under the carpet. - Marriage is not one-sided. It’s not for babies. Both parties should be happy in the relationship. - Don’t compare your marriage to any other. [City People Mag] © 2014 Click the link below to go to... Yvonne Nelson Vows To Remain Single Stephanie Okereke’s Marriage Waxes Stronger, Couple Displays Love Online 2Face’s Babymama, Sunmbo Ajaba Pregnant (Picture) The Misunderstood Business of Nigerian Music; The Wande Coal Case Study. World Most Expensive Bra Worth 1.6billion Producers Struggle For Mercy Johnson Attention Omoni Oboli Claims She Has No Plan B In Her Marriage… No Thoughts About Divorce your social media marketing partner