The entire household of Jummy has been thrown into mourning less than 48 hours after she was spotted at Benson Bus-Stop, Ikorodu, Lagos State vomiting blood. (Read It HERE If You Missed It) The lady who is a force to reckon with among her peers in terms of her amiable character is alleged to have been used for rituals, because she was said to have alighted from a car the fateful day she started vomiting blood. But her family members revealed that the whole newspaper and internet reports were hogwash. According to the deceased elder brother, Samuel Abayomi O , “ The lady is my younger sister. She was coming from a tutorial class at Proper Arsenal, Benson Bus-Stop Ikorodu, Lagos State. She’s been sick for some time and always been taking care of herself before the unfortunate incident happened and she died because nobody rescued or helped her. She’s been buried” The decease’s brother squealed. Further probe by us to ascertain the nature of her sickness was rebuffed by the family members. But their neighbors insists that there is more to the story considering the fact that Jummy never show any sign of ailment the morning of the day the incident happened and moreover as at now, no one has been able to put a finger on the cause of her death including her family members. your social media marketing partner