Veteran actress Allwell Ademola , has revealed that Yoruba actors who were originally featuring in the English movies were chased away by the Igbos.

The actress who was featuring formerly in English movie is now doing more of Yoruba movies because the Igbos took over the English movie Industry.

“The Yorubas at one time were doing well in the English sector of Nollywood. Talking about the likes of Jola Fani-Kayode,Wole Amele, Joke Silva, Olu Jacobs, Akin Lewis, Olumide Bakare and the rest of them. But all of a sudden, the Igbos pumped money into the industry (been business people) and took over,” she said.

Well is she saying that most of the actors in the Yoruba industry would have still be doing English movies if not for the Igbos who became a treat to them?

Speaking about why she is still single she said she had a very ugly experiences in relationship .She lost her fiancé two months to her wedding and she started dating their would be best man but things went awry with the relationship. 

She broke up with him and today she has decided to stay single and marry her career.