In relationships, it is not about finding love, it is about finding those that truly compliment your essence of living and sees through your vision and aspirations in life, then one can say he/she has found love.

Nollywood actress, is indeed indebted to her loving husband, Kenney Rodriguez, who has over the years showered her with love and care that has left her glued to him all the time.

As Kenney becomes a year older, Uche Jombo could not hold back her joy as she confessed that her husband was actually the first person who defined what true love was all about.

“Feliz cumpleanos mi amor. The one who first told me that Love and Passion are healthy human emotions and then set out to prove IT?? Happy birthday to my husband kenney. ..May you continue to feel more, Experience more and grow more. Yo te amo Kenney Rodriguez #la Familia #Capri corn Man.”

Feliz cumpleanos mi amor (Happy Birthday my Love)

Yo te amo (I love You)