Call it the wedding of the year and you may not be wrong. Zahra Buhari’s upcoming wedding has assumed huge celebrity dimensions with the media frenzy over spending on gifts, disowned pre-wedding photos, postponement of dates, alleged displeasure of the president over media attention and his alleged disapproval of the groom’s family and source of their wealth.

All that. But what might really blow your mind is the actual amount of money being spent on wedding preparations.

Speculations on the internet over news of customised wedding boxes as gifts to Zahra, costing a whopping N47million already got tongues wagging over the weeks. The reported Louis Vutton  bags which total about 30 and allegedly cost about £120, 000 (approximately N47,144,502, using the official rate of N392.87 to a pound) are said to have been delivered to Zahra in 30 exotic cars, according to reports. The sheer  amount of these gifts is said to be a major reason why the wedding ceremony was put on hold indefinitely, sources close to the first family say.

With a new date out, however, Celeb Police investigations reveal that besides the millions spent on Zahra’s wedding boxes, the distribution of gold-plated invites to prospective guests suggest  this may turn out to be a hard to beat wedding in terms of spending. Efforts to get actual figures have met brickwalls with the Buharis and the Indimis becoming very secretive about details. According to an inside source, “the Indimis have deleted every post about the wedding on their social media platforms. Zahra and her husband-to-be are also not posting anything about it for now.”

Coded as proceedings may be, there is a precedent. If we are to follow the standards of the outrageously expensive wedding of Indian politician’s daughter a month ago, where a gold-plated wedding invitation was used, then Zahra’s wedding to billionaire Ahmed Indimi may yet raise the bar. The indian wedding  cost a mind-blowing £59million (N35.5billion).

The alleged N47million wedding gifts, a mouth-watering Wedding Shower, Gold-plated invites and A-list wedding wedding vendors, all add-up to something huge you’ll agree.

Will Zahra’s wedding go on to defy the President’s avowed wish for a low key event? We’ll see. Fingers crossed.

-Power Michael