Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus, has started her fight again and this time she is standing up for the Nigerian and African Child at large.

 The actress decided to take the fight public when she questioned what some men enjoy in the body of a 10 year old child whose body is not developed.

Stella complained that the rate at which little girls were becoming mothers all of a sudden has gotten to a point where it has become unbearable and they even face various complications at some point.

According to her, “Little girls are becoming mothers overnight. They are dying everyday from complications and society just moves on. They deserve education; they have a right to choose when they are ready. Why do we act like it’s not our business?”

She further pointed out that some people might decide to use religion as the basics for carrying out such act but she explained that they have the choice of marrying as many older women they want but not a little girl.

“Some may use religion but where do we draw the line? You can marry however many you want it’s your choice. But why the little girl? What about the parents that sells their daughters off? How do we let them see that it is harmful? What is it that can interest him in her little underdeveloped body? Please tell me why a man would prefer a little 10 year old as his wife. Why not marry one old enough n ready?” she added.