Once again, the hypocrisy and devilish ways of this evil Americans has come to bare.

I do not remember the last time I heard Marilyn Manson, that demonic flukes name mentioned, but Michael Jackson. God rest his soul. God rest his soul, God rest his soul, AMEN.

TMZ and other tabloids have finally killed him. Martin Bashir, foolish Indian British wannabe has killed him, he is dead, I hope Americans are now happy. So what if MJ bleached? Who hasn’t? What if he had his face changed so what? Have people in public eye not done worse? So he changed his nose, so what?

Look, 80 percent of West Hollywood is full of men penetrating men, Ellen Degeneres is dressing like a man, kissing women and getting married to women, did I mention Ellen is a freaking woman?

This is the same Americans, begging for gay marriages to be legalized so that gay people can adopt children, two men raising a child, the child calling one man mummy and the other man daddy; but Michael Jackson has become a subject of ridicule because he fathered white children. Whether those children were planted in a tube or in a cassava farm, or in a womb by two aliens, they are his children. He has done nothing different from what is done everyday in America.

ok. HE IS A BLACK MAN, WHO MADE HISTORY!!!! That is the real thing killing this racist Americans.

He had a skin disorder, even his make-up artist revealed in the documentary “Living with Michael Jackson take two”, that he had a skin disorder so it was better to move to a lighter color than putting on full body make-up, makes total sense. He had money, so he went in for thorough bleach job and he never wanted to discuss it. Foolish Americans!! They have drag queens running around, men dressing as women and taking hormones to grow breasts, and silky skin, but Michael Jackson’s own has become news and finally, they killed him! He did not look like a freak, he was growing old. After all, white men aging look like shit and smell bad. He was getting wrinkled and older so he looked a bit different. It’s called GROWING!

Bashir, found it hard to believe that Michael Jacksons children said they do not have a mother, ehe, what is new? Do people’s mothers not die at child birth thus making them motherless? Or that makes them “mother-dead”. MJ did not like what he looked like, thanks to his illiterate greedy father. So he’d rather have someone else father his children so they do not have to go through identity crises. People, we are black, we know that the lighter you are the better, even among our own black societies, which is why the terms black and proud and black beauty were coined. We know.

The media rampage in the wake of MJs death is so ridiculous and hurtful. I pray his children are not raised in America. I am not surprised at all the evil and disasters happening in America, the people are so evil, racist and devilish. God has forsaken them and left them to suffer natural disasters etc.

Martin Bashir, may it never be well with you! The peace you denied Michael Jackson will be denied you too. You will live in heartbreak and pain for the rest of your miserable life. You are a black Indian and you think someone is weird. Damn idiot. You killed MJ. That your treacherous documentary and the trial cooked by racist old men in Santa Barbara county who could not stand the fact that a black man rose to a higher ground other than presidents. May the almighty God deny you every good thing Martin Bashir and all those who conspired to send MJ to an untimely death, leaving his precious children in the arms of vultures. But is God asleep? No, he is not, He will protect those children because their father walked in the way of God, he gave back to children, more than pastors who buy private jets and engage in other vanities.

Michael Joseph Jackson, duie, hede nyuie!! Moon walk with the Angels. A friend of mine on facebook had this song up and I dedicate it to MJ.

“O Golden day, when light shall break, And dawn’s bright glories shall unfold,

When He who knows the path I take, Shall open for me the gates of gold. Earth’s little while will soon be past, My pilgrim song will soon be over, The grace that saves shall time outlast, And be my theme on yonder shore.

Life’s upward way, a narrow path, Leads on to that fair dwelling place,

Where safe from sin, and storm, and wrath, They live who trust redeeming grace.

Sing, sing my heart, along the way, The grace that saves will keep and guide,

Till breaks the glorious crowning day, And I shall cross to yonder side.

I dimly see my journey’s end, But well I know who guides me, I follow Him, that wondrous Friend, Whose matchless love is full and free.
And when with him I enter in, And all the way look back to trace, The conqueror’s palm I then shall win, Thro’ Christ and His redeeming grace.

Then I shall know as I am known, And stand complete before the throne;

Then I shall see my Saviour’s face, And all my song will be Saving Grace.”

Tribute to MJ. Watch the whole video on you tube


By Joy Della Ocloo EXCLUSIVE for https://www.nigeriafilms.com