Months turned into years in speculations of Uti Nwachukwu being gay which has eventually been clarified.

The actor and OAP is one of the most eligible bachelors in the entertainment sector that has continuously told the public they were single.

His Singlehood status has changed as the media personality and actor has recently disclosed in an interview that he is in a relationship and very much in love.

The actor who had spoken of not being ready to settle down in the past is now fully ready to take the bold step of walking down the aisle and raising kids.

“Marriage doesn’t have to do with age but maturity. African mothers have to accept change and stop putting pressures on their children about giving them grandchildren.  Women of nowadays want more; they just don’t want to bear that title ‘wife’ alone. They also want to take charge and contribute immensely to the home. Who wants a woman that only paints nails and cross legs at home. I believe in ‘flex well and then calm down’. For me, I have flexed well, now I am calming down and getting ready to settle down.’’ He said.

It might come as a heartbreaking message to those ladies crushing over him as it appears he is smitten by the new woman in life and would put a ring on it anytime soon.

“I like the way she makes me feel. I blush every time I talk about her. Whenever i ‘m displaying my madness; she knows how to calm me down. I don’t feel shocked in our relationship. Even when I feel choked, it doesn’t make want to run away from the relationship.”

With the way he feels about her, get ready to but Aso Ebi very soon as another 2017 wedding might just around the corner.