Even though it is no longer news that some men, known as homosexuals or gays, date fellow men, such perverted sexual practice has always been carried out in secret because of the public condemnation it attracts. But this was not the case in Festac town on Easter Monday as two males were caught right in the act inside a Mercedes Benz 230 car.

To add to the shock, the sexual tango involved a 40-year-old man and a teenager who is barely 15 years old. The teenager who gave his name as Uche Anyanwu, was reportedly caught pants down , on the thighs of a fat bellied 40-year-old man and father of two, at the back seat of his car.

Vanguard Metro gathered that the position of the car alerted a police patrol team from Festac division at about 10.30pm, who surreptitiously approached the car, only to behold the duo engaged in such ungodly act.

On what could a 15-year old boy be doing outside at that time of the day, Uche, who looks every inch like a young lady, disclosed that he worked as a dancer in a popular club at First Avenue, Festac.

Narrating what transpired that fateful day, he at first denied the obvious, stating that while he was discussing with Mr Ogochukwu Okpala inside his car, he mistakenly fell on him, exactly at the time the police arrived. But later countering the claims himself, he gave what he described as the true version of the story.

“ I came for a fashion show at the Heaven’s Club and after the show, this man(pointing to Mr Okpala) told me I was a good dancer and that he would like to see me outside in order for me to teach him how to dance. I said okay but that I won’t teach him without being paid. He promised to pay me N3,000.

“Before that day, I had met him before at the club. I was actually introduced to him by one Josephine, with whom I was squatting until she lost her job.

“Immediately I entered the vehicle where he was seated at the owner’s corner, he grabbed me and pulled me close to him, saying I was a handsome boy and I replied by telling him that was not the first time I had heard comments like that. Almost immediately he started kissing me and then removed my belt. I was on him when the police arrived the scene,” he informed.

Asked if he was gay, he replied, almost tears: “ I have never done a thing like this before. Immediately he grabbed me, I told myself that he was gay but I did not resist him because of the money he had earlier promised to give me. Aside this, was also his promise to take me back to school.

“I gave in because I am an orphan. My mother died while giving birth to me, while my father died two years ago, as a result of which I could no longer continue with my education. I had to drop out in Junior Secondary School 1(JSS!) After the death of my father, I started staying with a lady named Destiny. But when she lost her job, she told me she could no longer accommodate me and she later went clubbing.It was even Destiny that first introduced me to this man . I have not done this before. This is my very first time”.

But on his part, 40-year-old Okpala wore an injured expression as he vehemently denied indulging in the act, and gnashing his teeth to underline the anger he felt for the teenager.

According to him: “The police arrested me because they accused me of kissing this boy”. Asked to prove his innocence, he stated thus: “Actually I had gone to the club to ease off when I met Uche dancing and I told him I liked the way he was dancing and that I would like to meet him when next I visited the club. That was in February. So on Easter Monday, he called me on my phone to ask if I was coming and I answered in the affirmative. So when I got to the club, I parked and asked him to come and meet me in the car and when he came, we started discussing, in the process of which the police came and arrested both of us”.

Vanguard Metro gathered that when the arrest of Mr Okpala, a staunch member of a popular church in Igando area of Lagos, filtered in, a senior officer in the Nigerian Navy(names withheld) stormed the station to effect his release. But the officer, it was gathered, expressed shock and disbelief when the suspect reportedly admitted in confidence to have attempted to fondle with the teenager inside his car.

Also in police custody is Mr Okpala’s driver who was inside the car when the alleged deed was being perpetrated. Although the driver denied seeing what was happening at the back seat between his boss and the teenager, but he admitted to have heard the sound of a belt being loosened.

According to the driver who identified himself as Chukwuebuka Okechukwu: “On that day, my Oga informed me that I would be taking him somewhere later that day. As we were going, his phone rang and after the call, he asked me to take him to Heaven’s Club. Getting close to the club, this boy came and sat with him at the back. I just sat there because he never told me to get down and I did not look back to know what was going on. The only sound I heard was that of a belt that was being loosened. There was also no discussion between them . And almost immediately, the police arrived”.