Ex-beauty queen and fake housemate in BBN reality show, Ese Eriata is facing an unbelievable level of fan backlash over celebrating her own birthday, reports reaching Celeb Police desk indicate.

Her crime? The fans are attacking her on social media for declaring she is 24 years old. How is that even a crime, Celeb Police cannot fathom, but the fans who have besieged her handle are not letting up as they continue throwing shades at her.

Ese had on the occasion of her 24th birthday shared a post of herself displaying her new age in a sexy esemble, with the caption “Happy Birthday Beautiful”

Almost immediately the beautiful wishes started pouring in. But unfortunately, the social media sharks soon smelt blood. A beautiful celebrity has posted something? The trolls were soon on her case, and boom, her birthday was hijacked! Check out some of the not-so-pleasant remarks those disputing her age had to vent:


Unbelievably incredible, those reactions! But Celeb Police findings reveal that contrary to what these people think about Ese’s age, the fast-rising star’s age, according to a very close family source, is actually true, if not actually padded up by adding to it to make her appear more matured as a lady. The family source who said “Ese is, just a kid” had proof to back her claim, as the Instagram star was a classmate of her younger sibling.


So much for a birthday and age misunderstanding. But for what it’s worth, Celeb Police will like to say that it is always not the best of options to judge a book by it’s cover. Ese might be curvy and rounded like a diva, but for a trained eye, it is easy to see through her instagram videos and know she can’t really be older than what she claims. What do you think? Maybe she should produce a certificate like Dino Melaye? Come on!