Ever watched a movie with an actress you like, then come back to watch another of her movies later to discover she looks like a hippo?
Happens to me all the time with our local stars.

Gone are the days when being fat was attributed to good living and peace of mind. In current times, fat is considered “sick”, “depressed”, over eating and pure non nonchalance. Personally, I am a bit fat. My mom is thick tall so, I really have no choice. I punish myself daily at the gym and pay attention to what I eat. I do not want to be mistaken for the ceremonial cow. Therefore I know it takes discipline to stay at a healthy weight and not develop hypertension in my later years.

I do not think fat people look good. Especially a fat person trying to play sexy or demure on screen. That is a total one hundred percent turn off. https://www.nigeriafilms.com ran into a Nigerian actress here in LA and we asked her some questions, She does not want her name mentioned so https://www.nigeriafilms.com will respect that. We tried to find out what happens in their eating scenes. do they actually eat the food?

her answer?

Yes we do.

You do not spit it out?

No we do not.

My artistes. You cannot swallow all that food in each take. You put a bit in your mouth and hide it under your tongue, or you nibble in bits. Either those or the food you should be served must be an extremely low calorie diet. I heard that Halle Berry sticks her finger in her throat to vomit between takes after eating scenes. Why? they have so many takes and that is so much to eat in a day.

But on our local front, this little things are given no attention.
In fact, they take pride in displaying sumptuous food on screen and you are considered to have “arrived” if you are able to afford the food after set hours and also it adds some form of feather to your cap to have dined in a classy restaurant in your film.

Total nonsense. When I say Nollywood is not there, I get whacked. Here are people who take delight in the most mediocre and petty things. They value public opinion on their appearance so much it hurts to even think about it. I saw Ireti Osayemi in a movie recently and then I saw some recent pictures of her. She looked like a hippo. Her cheeks were double, her calf will feed an entire carnivorous family for a month. Later I discovered had given birth. Lady, loose weight before you step out. Julia Roberts lost weight in a month to play in Dulicity. J’lo, Halle Berry, Cate Blanchet. They all are first time preggers, do you notice that about them?

Kalsoum Sinare. There is nothing she will do that will please me. Bad actress and now she is a fat, bad actress; also attributed to having a baby. Lets look at Omotola, does she look like one with four kids? Must you give in to all that fat when pregnant? There is something called Lamaze. Exercise during pregnancy. Helps you and helps the baby.

I will forgive the pregnancy got me fat ones. What about Ini Edo, (highly disappointed in this girl) Ebube Nwagbo, Nana Ama Mcbrown, Jackie Appiah, Eucharia Anoubi (looking really unappealing with all that fat and heavy make-up), Desmond Elliot, yes his butt shakes and waves bye-bye. Dude is fat. Too fat for a man. A man must be lean and fit or heavy and muscled, any other way is very repulsive. Nana Ama has double chin now. It looks so bad. She was rolling around like a cannon ball in a movie I watched yesterday. Like a water filled balloon. So bad! I hear she eats meat from morning till night. Stop eating people. Discipline yourselves by staying with a regular exercise regime daily. It will not take that much out of you.

What is all the hullabaloo with getting fat and ugly? Why must you please people all the time? I believe that as an actress, you body needs to be very flexible. You should be able to loose weight for this and gain weight for that. In the interim, determine your body Mass Index and stay at a healthy weight that will not make your viewers squirm.

When Genevieve was skinny, she came under fire. The girl looked great small. I love Rita Dominic, she has stayed trim all her acting years. Kudos to Liz Benson, Stephanie Okereke, Nadia Buari, Kate Henshaw, Omotola, Calrion Abiola, Patience mama G. Mercy Johnson, Stella Aboderin. Yes, these few have maintained a regular weight and consistent look. They are flexible and versatile. They are very maleable and will fit anywhere in any role. 10 points for the healthy living sistahs!

Joy Della Ocloo for https://www.nigeriafilms.com (Exclusive)