Hmm, the entertainment industry is blessed with talents as well as those who are eligible for marriage but chooses to shun that phrase.

Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri is a talented individual that many look up to, and she is also one of those that are single in the industry.

Unlike many of her colleagues that seem to love their lives being single, the actress is eager to get married if she finds the right person.

Knowing how dramatic relationships can be, the actress seems to be having difficulties in getting the right person she wants to spend the rest of life with.

In a recent interview, Ruth disclosed that she has no control over when she would meet the right person or get married but would love to raise a family in the right way.

In her words: “There are certain things we don’t have control over and finding the right partner is one of them. You don’t decide when you find the right person, so wherever you find yourself at whatever point in life, it’s important to be happy at that stage.

Of course I wanna have kids, I wanna have a family and I wanna do it right, so as an individual, I’m preparing myself for that phase for when it eventually comes but for now I’m just working hard and trying to be happy.”