When you have a pretty and caring wife like Annie Idibia, be prepared to be spoilt once in awhile. Lucky 2Face, who must be so excited to hear some romantic words from Annie today.

The couple has survived a lot of tsunamis in their relationship. Sometimes, it may look as if things was going to fail apart but they still hold on to love and trust.

Annie gushed “#Missing Things. Sexiest man alive for me. Bone of my bone. Heart of heart. My steady rhythmic heart beat. Flesh of my flesh. My other half. Partner for love. I love you beyond words can say. Always. We love us”

2Face once revealed why he chose Annie over the others “All my women are very respectable. I can’t answer that question because I have already proposed to who I want to be with and I don’t want to create any type of answer that will be odd. Of course, Annie and I are soul-mates. We are mature people and I know that they understand my decision. Did I tell them about the decision? Of course, yes. Did they raise an issue? You know what; I don’t want to answer the question, so, let’s change the topic.