Nigerian actor Yomi Fabiyi, who was once married to a British woman say contrary to popular believe that he has not divorced his European wife and the situation seem to be driving the young actor crazy and making him frustrated as the woman has refused to visit Nigeria so that she can be served the divorce letter.


“I have only initiated the idea of suing for a divorce. I am still considering that option, though. The only problem is that my wife has to be physically present in Nigeria to be served the divorce papers. But she has refused to come,” he said.

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The the lanky actor, recounted the pains and sacrifices he went through in the hands of veteran actor, Baba Suwe; who mentored the actor to the point of breaking even in the Nigerian movie industry, he said “I just had to endure. Some days I had very little food or nothing to eat.

Sometimes, I had to depend on the kindness of a Hausa shopkeeper who allowed me to buy things on credit. And there were days when I slept outside because there was so much work to do. I didn’t dare to complain to my boss about my suffering.

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I didn’t have to bother him about food. He wasn’t my father, after all. He was doing me a favor because I came to learn about film acting and production from him,” he said.

The actor, who is also a director cum producer, counted himself lucky that his parents did not object to his choice of career. Instead, they chose to support him with prayers.

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“My father was not always around. But my mum was quite worried when she observed that I was coming home late some nights. One day, when she asked me where I had been, I told her that I went in search of my destiny,” he said.

The actor is still holding on to his stands that he never married his British wife for any incentive as he said it was for love and happiness but the issue of the British woman refusing to relocate to Nigeria is what killed the marriage©