Nollywood producer and social commentator, Charles Novia, has not allowed the current trend of celebs flaunting their wealth on social media to get away without him airing his opinion about it.

He was quick to point out that with the current situation of the country, it is not realistic for a celeb to put out his wealth acquisition on the nose of their fans.

Charles noted that one might say it is their money and entitled to how it is being spent but stressed that the lives of these celebrities are more aspirational than being inspirational.

According to him, “I agree to an extent. Your money is your money. But these days, when you post your acquisitions and indiscretions on social media, you automatically lose the right of privacy because that post you put up about what you have acquired is akin to calling for more scrutiny in your private affairs.

“Zoning it down to Celebrity acquisitions in Nigeria, I actually think it is insensitive of anyone right now, in the present and moderate economic realities in Nigeria, to flaunt private expenses in public for whatever reason. To what end? Nigerian celebrities, more often than not, are a lot ridden with poverty mentalities and persecution complex.

“What kind of money do those of them who flaunt expensive wrist watches and shoes and bags even have?  Why do they think they ‘need to greed’ for them to gain more respect from the public? The lives of these celebrities are more aspirational than inspirational. And when anyone with hindsight comes out to point out these infractions, he or she is labelled a ‘hater’. Amusing.”