Flavour N’Abania recently wrapped up a tour of the United States, with live Performances in Dallas, Houston and New York over the U.S Thanksgiving holiday, week of Nov. 23- Nov 30th, 2010. While in New York, he took time out to collaborate with Frakas Mo’Fire on a brand new thumping song “Mo’ Fire/Fukka Fukka Fukka” a song about celebration of life and thankfulness to Jah for making it all possible. It was produced by Val “Frakas” Amadi, a New York-based Music and film producer, recorded in New York City and used for Original Motion Picture soundtracks for the upcoming movies “The Gideon Force” and “Mixed Blessings” directed by Val “Frakas” Amadi, co-produced by Nkem Onumara and available through Val Media Inc/Pinnacle Films.
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