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NEWS reaching us says jailed Nollywood director Ifeanyi Onyeabor is having the time of his life in Kirikiri prisons. He had refused all entreaties by colleagues to meet the stringent bail conditions. He is under some self-delusion that its fashionable for any artiste or celebrity to taste prison life. He even told a colleague that went to visit that he is going through another ‘school’ in life. Onyeabor who prides himself as the ‘best stunt’ director in Africa forgets one fact-that he is being held on fraud related offences not gun possession like what obtains in the United States etc. In simple terms, na 419 dem say yu do bros. Nothing to be proud off, if what your colleagues are saying is true click the link below to go to... NOLLYWOOD PRODUCER,IFEANYI ONYEABOR REMANDED IN PRISON. click the link below to go to... Top Nigerian Movie Director 'Dupes' Ghanaian Producer.
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